Introducing Ellecer, yet another engineer we've warmly welcomed into our increasingly full and busy little Waddle house. He actually joined just before Christmas on the same day as Ellai. In fact, we've been so busy recruiting, he is only the joint 4th newest member of our now huge delivery team.

He's settled in well and is enjoying Waddle's unique culture, which he finds to be both fast paced and productive, whilst laid back and relaxed at the same time.

A big welcome to the team! How has life in the Waddle house been so far?

Thank you! It's been great, really enjoying it here. There's so much to learn, and it's a fast-paced environment, but everyone has always found time to help and share knowledge.

Who is Ellecer Valencia? Do you have any hobbies? Secret talents?

Who am I? I ask myself that all the time. I can never get a good answer for that one. Lol. Hobbies? I play guitar sometimes, but I'm really out of practice. My playing could be described as "terribly enthusiastic" or "enthusiastically terrible".

I'm a bit obsessed with music gear. I've accumulated a few things over the years, mainly from sites like eBay. I know lot of that stuff seems redundant these days, since you can now do almost everything on a laptop. But software plugins will never compare to shiny boxes with sliders, knobs and wooden side panels.

Tell us a bit about what brings you to Waddle. What were you doing before you got here?

I was working at an online classifieds company for 6 years, then decided to see what it's like in start-up land. Before that I've worked for a few telcos and media companies.

What is your first impression of Waddle? The platform? The team?

It's a really cool environment! Very cosy. Never worked in a terrace house before. The atmosphere is laid back, but everyone is very focused and gets so much done quickly.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much was ready when I started. I know that sounds pretty basic, but in previous workplaces it sometimes took days to get accounts configured and have a working dev environment on your laptop.

Everyone's been super helpful and friendly, and people are very accommodating with their time when you have questions or get stuck on anything. The internal Slack channels and wiki have also been a great resource for learning about recent issues and how things got resolved. It's a very open environment, with quite a lot of room for people to get into the areas that interest them.

What are you hoping to achieve here with us?

I hope to make things better, learn more about the finance domain, and use my experience in growing the platform and the business.

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