Works hand in hand with Quickbooks

Waddle is a certified add-on in the Quickbooks app store.

The smarter way to fund your growth

Our innovative platform connects with your cloud accounting package to help you improve cash flow and focus on running your business

Fast funds

Apply, receive approval and get funding within 48 hours

Flexible & fair

Choose the customers to fund against, borrow or repay as required

Great rates

Low rates with no minimum spend, simply pay for what you use

No property security

Waddle funds are secured by your invoices, not your family home

Less admin

Save time with the Waddle platform, no uploading of invoice or ledgers

Fully confidential

Waddle stays in the background, your customer relationships stay with you

Waddle has enabled our business to grow and scale at a much faster rate. It is a financial product that has become a key part of our business. It’s simple to use with amazing support staff.

James McKay

Founder, Liberty Kombucha

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